I did an artist talk on Thursday, January 26th at La Maison d’Art. We discussed the show, how it came about, and my process in shooting and selecting the images, as well as about the sister project Common Ground: Bridging Cultures, a documentary that follows wrestlers from Senegal and wrestlers from the Bronx.

If you weren’t able to make it, we livestreamed the event and that’s available on Facebook, or you can watch it to the left.

The solo gallery exhibition Matches is being held at La Maison d’Art in New York City’s historic neighborhood of Harlem from December 15th, 2016 through January 15th, 31st 2017 February 16th! We’ve been extended! Please call for gallery hours at (718) 593-4108.

La Maison d’Art
259 W 132nd Street
New York, NY 10027

Senegalese Lutte Traditionnelle sans frappe—traditional wrestling without striking—looks quite a bit different than the styles wrestled in America…on the surface. But once you look more closely, the underpinnings are the same.

The partner project Common Ground: Bridging Cultures is a documentary film which is going to explore these two communities separated by geography, language, and culture, but connected by wrestling and humanity.